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Team Member Orientation

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your first shift so we can show you around the building and get you oriented to your position. This is especially important if you are on the first shift of the day. We all need to get in and get situated before the drop off or sale begins. It is also important on other shifts because some shifts do not overlap and we need fast transitions. We need the next team members ready to take over.

Check in at the start of each shift and sign in. All team members MUST sign in and out on every shift. The only way you’ll get credit is by signing in.

Every team member must wear a name tag. Find your name tag when you sign in. This helps identify you as someone who can help our shoppers. Aprons are available for team members. The aprons have the pockets for carrying pens or whatever supplies you may need during your shift.

We have a break room for team members. You can sit and relax in this room during your break.

We provide snacks for all team members. The snacks are located in the break room. Use your judgment on when to take a break, tell our manager if you are taking a long break. Please plan meals before or after your shifts. If you are working 2 back to back shifts, then we will provide your meal and let you know when to take a meal break. We will have a fridge where you can put your lunch or dinner and a microwave if you want to heat up anything.

Please label your items and remove after your shift.

Hold Section

We have a hold section for you if you find an item that you would like to purchase while helping out. Please do not hide items. If you happen to come across something you would like to buy, put it in the cash register area with your name on it.

Remember to purchase those items at the end of your shift as anything left in the area overnight will be put back out on the sales floor the next morning.

Physical Activity of Our Team Member Positions

Please note that most of our positions require standing on your feet for 4 hours and lots of walking. Merchandisers will be required to hang many pieces of clothing which will affect both arms and back. Please contact our manager if you have physical limitations so we can work with you on finding a team member shift to fit your needs. Most of our shifts get filled fast so sign up early.

Please be kind and courteous to everyone you interact with while at Curvy Chic Closet. This includes other team members, vendors, as well as the customers who are there. We want everyone’s experience to be positive. Maybe they’ll consign next time and when they see how much fun you’re having they might like to be a team member too! You never know who is there for the first time and first impressions are huge. Happy shoppers may buy more of your consigned items and will tell their friends about the sale. We want them to come back AND to tell their friends good things about Curvy Chic Closet.

The number of team members scheduled for each sale shift is based on past predicted crowd levels. If you feel you need something to do, please ask our Team Member Coordinator where you’d be most useful. There are always odd jobs to be done so that our sale runs smoothly! If you have any conflicts between you and a team member/shopper/vendor please let Amy (Team Member Coordinator) know immediately. We are there to make this a positive experience for you and everyone involved.

Team Member Tasks and Expectations

Setup and Teardown Crew

These are labor intensive jobs. Be prepared to work! It involves lifting, building, and using power tools. If you are not sure how to assemble something, ask Terrill or Becky.

• Unload trucks and/or trailers
• Carry equipment to where it will be assembled
• Set up everything according to layout map
• Build clothing racks
• Unfold and set up tables
• Assemble various types of shelving units
• Assemble shoe racks
• Attach grid wall to ends of clothing racks or create triangles or other displays
• Setup portable clothing racks
• Hang outside Banners and signs

Teardown is the opposite of Setup. We disassemble the racks, shelves, etc. and put everything back into storage. Take down banners and roll them up. Gather all signage, clothing rings, and various supplies and put them into bins. Ideally we’ll organize the bins before they go onto the trailer. Please handle all equipment gently.


The most important part of working on the floor is interacting with customers. Be helpful. Be friendly. Smile and ask everyone how they’re doing or if they need help finding anything. Familiarize yourself with the sales floor layout so you can direct people where to go when they are looking for something. The more you talk to people and they know you are watching them, the less likely they are to attempt to switch tags or pull a tag off or hide an item in their purse.

Clothing Merchandisers Duties:

• Take clothing from dressing room back to sales floor
• Return clothing from cash register area to sales floor
• Constantly scan the items in your area for any that have lost their tags
• Always first try to match the item to a lost tag, otherwise add to the lost tag box in the dressing room area
• Pick up clothes that have fallen; rehang if tag is attached or add to box if no tag
• Constantly monitor clothes to make sure size and categories are in the right spot
• Spread clothing out if one size is thinned out but another is tight
• Organize and bundle hangers
• Smile, be friendly and help customers find things
• Keep an eye on suspicious activity on the sales floor
• Be careful to hang clothes in the right area.

Jewelry/Purse and Household Merchandiser

• Keep an eye on jewelry and purses. If you are assigned here please stay in this area.
• Familiarize yourself with the tables and merchandise in this area
• Manage the products on tables (jewelry, craft, household, purses) to stay organized because shoppers rearrange, things fall on floor, kids open packages
• Constantly scan the items in your area for any items that have lost their tags
• Always first try to match the item to a lost tag, otherwise add to the lost tag box in the dressing room area
• Unlock jewelry case for customer to show item and if they want to purchase high-end jewelry bring to cash register. DO NOT GIVE TO CUSTOMER.
• Cut zip ties on purses for customers and bring purse up to register if the shopper wants to purchase the purse. Be sure to pick up cut zip ties and do not leave on the floor.
• Organize and bundle hangers


You are the first contact many people have with Curvy Chic Closet! Be friendly and smile a lot! You should familiarize yourself with the sales floor so you can answer any questions people will have about where things are or checkout and of course where the bathroom and dressing rooms are located.

• Stand by the front door and greet the shoppers with a smile as they arrive
• Use counter to count shoppers that come through the front door
• Know types of payment we accept, what time we close, etc.
• Pass out IKEA and Lane Bryant shopping bags
• Offer the shopper a goody bag as they exit
• Encourage them to visit the vendors when they enter
• Keep a watchful eye for potentially suspicious shoppers
• Verify shoppers have a receipt as they leave

Dressing Room Attendant

• Allow 6 items per dressing room
• Place return items on return to sales floor rack
• Advise customers when asked their opinion on clothing
• Make sure dressing rooms are clean
• Maintain lost tags box and during spare time match with lost tags items
• Organize shoe area by moving shoes up further on the racks
• Rubber band hangers during spare time
• Keep area clean and organized. Pick up trash from floor.
• Report immediately if you see anyone trying to steal anything


We like to have 1 personal bagger per cashier. You will need to develop a good system of working with your cashier.
• The cashier will scan each tag and pass the item across the counter
• Count each item as you put it in a bag, or count sets of 5 if your cashier likes to stop after each set of 5, just make sure you end up with the SAME number of items as the cashier has rung up
• During busy times (especially Presale) let shoppers keep their hangers, but during slower times remove all hangers (or any time if don’t if shoppers say they don’t want them)
• Hand the shopper their bags and thank them for shopping at Curvy Chic Closet. Remind them that Sunday is reduced day.
• During slower times, clean up your area; find new empty bin for hangers, bind hangers into sets of 10 with rubber bands, return IKEA/Lane Bryant bags to Greeter, make sure you have enough bags for sold merchandise.


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